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Regular Annual Termite Inspections

  • Jan 8, 2021

Regular Annual Termite Inspections

Even when you have an effective termite barrier it is important to have an annual termite inspection.

3 Reasons for an Annual Termite Inspection

1 Ensure your installed barrier is doing its job and your home is termite free

2 Check there are no changes to the home environment likely to damage, compromise or bridge the barrier (your plumber may have dug some drains for example)

3 Termite Barrier systems warranties often stipulate an annual check - the warranty could be void without regular inspections

Causes of breaches to your Termite Barrier

1 A pet dog digging in the backyard

2 Heavy rain or a leaking pipe (the plumber digging a trench)

3 Landscaping and garden changes, even removing the roots of a tree

Landscaping Can Damage Termite Barrier

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