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Pest Control Gold Coast

Tony's Termite and Pest Control is owned by Tony Casey. With over 15 years of experience we offer guaranteed peace of mind across our complete range of pest control services Gold Coast. We ensure the highest level of safety is maintained at all times as we often work in child and pet-friendly environments.

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Full Termite Barriers from $2000 fully installed. Payment terms available.

Ask Tony about General Pest Control Prices and Termite Inspection prices.

Being Gold Coast based and fully licensed and insured you can be assured that when we quote on your pest control price we ensure the job gets done properly the first time with no hidden surprises. As a local Gold Coast business we provide value and backup.


Tony's Termites and Pest Control are fully qualified to work in Queensland and New South Wales.

  • QBSA - 1168749
  • NSW WC - 15-101050-001
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If you've got pests... we've got solutions".

Tony Casey

Pests - the best defence is offence

In team sports like AFL and NRL football, it was once believed that the best defensive team in the competition would win the premiership. However, statistics reveal that while a good defence (a team in the top 8 of lowest scores against) was important during the season, a very good offence (in the top 4 teams for scoring points) is necessary to win finals and in particular to win a Grand Final.
The same can be said of pest control strategies in domestic situations. While a strong defence is important, a good offence is also needed to win against determined pests such as termites, cockroaches and rodents.

In the "good old days" of AFL and NRL football, offensive tactics included the violent 'taking out' of the best opposition player with a 'king hit' behind play. Likewise, in the past, a 'king hit' of highly toxic chemicals was used to take the 'best' or strongest pests out of play.
In the worlds of football and pest control the rules have changed. The use of the 'king hit' and toxic chemicals are both considered harmful to humans and consequently they have been banned.

Pest Inspections

The range of pests invading homes and buildings at various times and locations throughout Australia include:

While some of these pests present temporary inconveniences requiring pest control solutions, by far the most destructive and expensive pests are termites. And this is especially true of Queensland and Northern NSW in Australia.
Protecting your home and place of business from intruders makes good sense. But termites are not just intruders - after intruding they can quite literally bring the building down around you.
A termite infestation can compromise the integrity of a house to such a degree that it is often unsafe to live in a home until very expensive repairs are made.

Pest Control Gold Coast

Tony's Termite and Pest Control is owned by Tony Casey. With over 15 years of experience, Tony offers guaranteed peace of mind across a complete range of pest control services in the Gold Coast region.
Tony uses only non-toxic chemicals and tactics in his defence and offence against the invasive and/or destructive behaviour of pests.

Tony's team ensures that the highest level of safety is maintained at all times as pest control work is often required to be carried out in child and pet-friendly environments.

Tony's Termites and Pest Control Gold Coast are certified termite specialists and fully licensed to operate in NSW and QLD.

Tony's professional and comprehensive termite inspections uncover any trace of termite activity no matter how early on the invasion. And Tony's use of advanced technology allows a termite inspection to be conducted without knocking, breaking or drilling your property.

No Knocking Breaking Drilling Termite Inspection


Covering all suburbs of the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. Check for specific information on Pest Control Southport, Pest Control Mermaid Beach and Pest Control Burleigh Heads.

Licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and NSW EPA, Tony's Termites are authorised to use the highly effective and safe Termidor He Termite Treatment.
Tony's technicians are certified to complete pest control reports in a format compliant with Australian Standards, ensuring all relevant checks have been carried out.
Tony's Termites and Pest Control carry out residential and commercial inspections across South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Tony and his team can assist you to turn your defence against pests into offence and final victory.

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Termidor Accredited Termite Control

A more effective termite protection zone that can leave your home looking just as it did before.

  • Most trusted and effective termite treatments
  • Effective protective zone termites cannot avoid
  • Highest level of protection year after year
  • Without damaging the aesthetics of your home
  • Without cutting corners or disturbing the structure
  • $2 mil Warranty
Termidor HE

Professional Termite Inspections

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