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Termite Barriers

Full in-ground chemical termite barriers from


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Termite Barriers Gold Coast

Interest Free Terms are available, for up to 12 months on termite barriers.
Clients can install their termite barrier and protect their home from now and pay it off Interest Free.

Termite barriers are divided into Physical and Chemical barriers.

Chemical Barriers

Termidor Certified


Termidor® is an undetectable liquid that termites cannot

  • See
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Avoid

No ongoing costs

Termidor Treatments can last about 8 years, it is safe for your pets and family. The active constituent is Fipronil, which is an ingredient used in Frontline. Fipronil has been used on pets for over 15 years. Termidor is environmentally friendly and will not cause any damage to the microorganisms in your soil, or your plants.

Termidor's transfer effect has the ability to destroy termite nests.

"Termidor starts working immediately and has provided 100% control of infesting termites in three months or less after treatment"

Chemical Termite Barriers Video

Creating a full termite barrier to your building perimeter as per the Australian Standard (AS3660.2) updated 2017 is designed to prevent termites gaining access to the food they crave. Specific chemicals registered by The National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals are required to meet the standard. Every chemical has a life expectancy. Termidor has a proven protection or up to 8 years. This depends on soil conditions. Tony is a Gold Coast based accredited Termidor Applicator.

Transfer Effect

Transfer Effect

Termidor has very low water solubility. It will stay where it is applied. Once ingested the termite will not die for 24 hours. Hence the nature of termites (contact, grooming and exchange of food) has a transfer effect.

Termite Entry Points

Termite Entry Points

Termite entry points including the structure of a termite nest.

Physical Barriers

Greenzone Termite Insect Barrier


Termite and Insect Repellent Barrier. 100% Australian Owned and Tested. 50 year two million dollar warranty*.

Greenzone Termite Insect Barrier 3 Functions

Termite and Insect Barrier Systems in New Buildings

Home Guard Termite Management

Home Guard

Homeguard kills and repels termites. Australian made and manufactured for the construction industry.

Benefits of a Termite Barrier

A correctly installed termite protection solution for your home or commercial property bring peace of mind. Here's how-:

Effectiveness - forming a barrier around your home yet transferable back to the termite nest. Termites cannot enter your building.

Safe for your household - Pest control standards need to be adhered to for them to be effective. Tony has over 20 years of protecting Gold Coast homes from termites.

Value for money - Termites can cause many thousands of dollars of damage if they're left untreated and wreak havoc in your home. They are difficult to detect. The location of the damage caused often requires experienced tradesmen to rectify. The cost of prevention is always better than a cure.

Termite Barrier Gold Coast FAQ

Drilling vs Trenching Termite Barriers
Our technicians dig a trench along the exterior walls of the home adding your chosen termiticide before replacing the soil.
Sections with concrete like a driveway may need to be drilled for the process to work effectively.
Termidor HE requires less drilling than less effective treatments.

Because affected termites can't detect Termidor, they carry it back to the nest on their bodies and pass it on to other termites - the devastating Genuine Termidor Transfer Effect.

Termites cannot -:

  • See
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Avoid
Your pest controller will update your system periodically. Every 3-8 years depending on the termiticide.
A termite inspection should be carried out a minimum of once a year by a professional, insured and accredited pest control technician.

A termite barrier can fail for the following reasons-:

  • Movement of soil around your home
  • Poorly installed
  • Wrong system for your home structure
  • The system was not managed correctly

Control of pest termites involves identifying the species, locating the nest and choosing appropriate eradication methods. No single method is effective against each pest species, so a combination of doing annual building inspections in termite-prone areas, using naturally resistant or treated timbers in buildings, and installing chemical and physical soil barriers around buildings is necessary to prevent further problems.

Australian Museum - Termites as Pests

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Termidor Accredited Termite Control

A more effective termite protection zone that can leave your home looking just as it did before.

  • Most trusted and effective termite treatments
  • Effective protective zone termites cannot avoid
  • Highest level of protection year after year
  • Without damaging the aesthetics of your home
  • Without cutting corners or disturbing the structure
  • $2 mil Warranty
Termidor HE

Professional Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections