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Where are cockroaches hiding

  • Nov 15, 2017

Where are cockroaches hiding

Cockroaches are likely to appear in locations you least want to see them like kitchens and other food preparation areas.

Cockroaches are opportunists and they can quickly feed off any food scraps or spills after cooking.

Cockroaches like to hide in cracks and crevices in the walls and other dark and damp places such as under the sink.

The main risk with cockroaches is the fact that bacteria can stick to their feet.

Often you will find cockroaches around your home near plumbing and waste pipes, including storm water drains, grease traps and sewage pipes.

By frequenting these areas, cockroaches pick up and carry diseases that can contaminate surfaces by potentially transferring them onto crockery, kitchen benches and the food you eat.

Cockroach Dying

Where Are Cockroaches Hiding

Cockroaches have been implicated in the spread of 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella and are classic causes of food poisoning or gastroenteritis.

Drought conditions across Eastern Australia bring cockroaches out of the sewer into your home in search of moisture and food scraps.

While cockroaches are not proof of dirty premises, unhygienic conditions such as dirty dishes and food particles left lying around will attract them. They tend to prefer vegetable matter but will eat almost anything.

They are night creatures and like to hide in dark corners and inside food packages by day.

Plates in Kitchen Cupboard

Pest control requires the use of chemicals. Fortunately these chemicals are not the toxic variety previously used.

Tony's cockroach treatment means you do not have to remove crockery or cutlery from cupboards or drawers in order to get an effective treatment.

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